Die nächste White Collar Boxing Veranstaltung, die Management Fight Night findet 2017/2018 statt. Weitere Informationen folgen in Kürze! Bewerbungen sind bereits jetzt möglich unter: office@wcba.at
Erste WCBA Fight Night
Die Regeln eines Boxkampfes nach WWCBA Male and female boxers aged 25 - 57 years old may compete. Weight categories with a 2.5kg tolerance in competition matching from 51kg to 91kg+ Bouts contested over 3 rounds of 2 minutes with 1 minute intervals 16oz gloves to be worn Full headgear to be worn Groin protection compulsory for males, optional for females Scoring for the bouts is according on the WWCBA regulations and is based on the 10 points must win system. Each judge decides on who won the round by allocating 10 points to the winner and 9 to the loser. The only variation to this is if the winner of the round dominated then it could be 10-8 or if one of the fighters had a point deducted for conduct/foul after the relevant warnings. Three standing eight counts in a round will result in referee stopping contest The referee can stop the bout at any stage if in their sole opinion, the safety of either boxer is compromised.